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In today’s Part 4 of the Ultimate Halloween Crafts & DIY Guide, I’ll be showing you all the wonderful recipes which will make your Halloween party the spookiest, funniest, tastiest for both kids and adults.

Many of these recipes can be prepared ahead so you can enjoy the holiday along with the rest of your family!

Grown up, gourmet version to enjoy candy corn – the candy corn chocolate truffle (via myrecipes).

Light as cloud candy corn meringue – from thekitchn

Who says adults can’t have some fun too with this candy corn infused vodka drink. From inquisitr


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Welcome to Part 3 of the Ultimate Halloween Crafts and DIY Guide! Today I’m going to help you get the Halloween party started. Because Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without throwing a fun, fabulous Halloween party!

So let’s pretend that you’re busy preparing your Halloween bash. Guest list, check… candies, check…. party decorations, check… costumes, menu, invitations… check, check, wait, invitations?!?!

Relax. We got you covered. Just print, cut, and customize the following Halloween printables and you’re all set. Just like that, easy peasy.

from cottage industrialist.

Download these owl templates from Martha Stewart.

via BGH.

Check out the complete Halloween guide:

Ultimate Halloween Crafts and DIY Guide

Part 1 – Halloween Interior Decoration

Part 2 – Easy Handmade Halloween Costumes



Today we continue with our Ultimate Halloween Crafts and DIY Guide. Today we’ll be focusing on costumes – specifically the kind that starts with an idea in your head (or your kid’s) and after rummaging through closets, garage & recycle boxes, you come with just the thing that will look so adorable on your child. These projects are also perfect if you need to come up with last minute costumes for school or kid’s parties. Many of them can be made with just scrap fabric or upcycled from old clothes which no longer fit. A sewing machine will help and make the sewing faster, but you can also use permanent fabric glue and make the projects kids-safe. Your kids will be excited to make their own Halloween outfits!

Here are a few of our favorite easy handmade costumes for Halloween:

via chica and jo

via naptimecrafters

via giddygiddy

via the train to crazy

via the stuff of success

via soteitei

via thetrishfamily

via alphamom

via the train to crazy



Is there another holiday that’s a better match for craftsters young and old than Halloween? We think not. Sure, Christmas, Easter & Valentine’s Day all call for their share of craft projects, but nothing compares to Halloween when it comes to unleashing your inner creativity and letting your imagination run wild. It’s not just for young children either, parents can have fun hosting Halloween parties and helping to create a ghoulish experience your children will never forget.  From now until Halloween, Kid Craft Project will be sharing Halloween craft ideas, tutorials, Halloween themed party tips & recipes, and Halloween decoration ideas with you.  We hope you’ll enjoy our Ultimate Halloween Crafts and DIY Guide and use it as inspiration to jumpstart your own Halloween kids crafts tradition!

Before we get started, you should know that most of these projects are suitable for kids. As always, supervision is recommended whenever scissors or other sharp tools are involved.

Part 1 of the Ultimate Halloween Crafts and DIY Guide – Interior Decoration

Halloween is the first major holiday for the autumn season, and what a great opportunity it is to mark the change of seasons. We love a pop of bright orange in our house around this time of the year. Here are a few of our favorite ways to create Halloween-themed interior decoration.


We love this Halloween entry hall from Country Living. If you can’t paint your wall bright orange, just work the orange color into your decorations.


For something low on the difficulty level and high on the dramatic effect, how about letting the bats take over your dining room, as Dana-Did-It with hers.


If you’re short on time, just adding a print like this on your wall will set the tone for Halloween. (via Craftsandsutch) <– Click on the link to download the print.

Here’s another Halloween word art print – also comes in white and black versions. Click here to download from All Things Simple.


These pumpkin vampires are more cute than scary, but make a fun Halloween craft project just the same! (via Martha Stewart)


A Halloween bunting flag can serve as a focal point in your Halloween decorations. Here’s an easy one from Craftzine.

Hopefully these photos are inspiring you to make something spooky with your little ones and get your house ready for Halloween!  We’d love to hear your ideas too! Tell us what you’re doing for Halloween this year in the comments.


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