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pasta_jewelry1 Hi there!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my previous posts on easy preschool children craft ideas.  If you’ve missed them, you can still read about these fun projects here – #1 Pressed Flower Picture and #2 Quick Stamp Magnets.  Today I’ll continue onto the third post with a new project – Pasta Jewelry.  You thought the Stamp Magnets were easy?  Wait till you see this one!  This project will make your kids hungry for more craft projects!

Pasta Jewelry supplies:

  1. Various pasta in tube shapes & colors
  2. Pieces of kitchen twine

Pasta Jewelry instructions:

  1. Have your kids select the pasta shapes they want for their jewelry.  Show them that they can choose from various shapes and colors.  Teach them to repeat the names of the various pasta.
  2. Once they have assembled the pasta, ask them to arrange the pasta in an attractive design.
  3. Take a piece of twine, string the pasta pieces one by one into the twine to create the jewelry.
  4. You can make necklaces, bracelets or rings with it.
  5. Tie the twine at the ends to finish it off.

For your inspiration, here are some photos of pasta jewelry around the web.

This is the third of five preschool craft ideas brought to you by  If you liked what you’ve read, you can read more about easy preschool children craft ideas at Kid Craft Project.  In the next few blog posts, I’ll show you how to make adorable cat toys and beautiful beach treasure pendants!

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