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Craft Room Organization Tips: Is Your Craft Room Clutter Blocking Your Creativity?

by Editor

in Craft Room Organization

disorganized_craft_room1 Do you shudder every time you enter your craft room? Are your creative urges being held back because you fear entering your craft room and having to sift through all the clutter? If this is the case with you then don’t give up, help is on the way. In this article I will give you the easy steps to organize craft room.

Craft Room Organization Step 1

First and foremost you need to understand why it is essential for you to organize craft room. The answer to this is simple —craft room organization allows you to eliminate clutter, focus on the task at hand and help you to become more productive. If you’re like most creative, you’re probably excited by different projects simultaneously and tend to buy or gather a lot of material for their craft. If you don’t have a system to organize their craft supplies, you can easily get to a point where all the craft supplies are out of sight, out of mind. So you end up wasting your money buying more supplies because you can’t find your old ones. And you may forget about your craft project altogether if you don’t see them lying around somewhere. Fortunately, this lack of organization can easily be changed. You can again enjoy your workspace and unleash your creativity by implementing an organized craft room. Once you’ve accomplished this task, you’ll spend less time locating things and more time creating crafts.

Take a look at these photos of organized craft rooms from around the web. Imagine yourself in one of these craft rooms. Don’t you feel inspired already?

Craft Room Organization Step 2: Assess the Situation

Now that you have understood the need to organize your craft room, let’s take a quick look at how to go about doing it. Before you begin to organize your craft room, take a quick survey of the room and make note of your existing storage space. Take a stock of the materials and plan out what you need to store, shelve or recycle. Write down all the supplies you have on a piece of paper – this is your craft supplies list. Stay focused on the task— remember you are here to eliminate the unnecessary clutter. It is important to recognize the items and projects which you know you will never get around to actually making and try to either give or sell the excessive craft supplies.

Craft Room Organization Step 3: Plan Your Storage Solution

Implementing a craft room storage plan is essential to keeping your craft room organized at all times. Select a day to start this task. Clean the table, worktops and other craft room furniture. If you don’t already have storage boxes, buy them (lots of them) and label the boxes where you plan to store the craft materials. Sort your supplies by category. For example, you may want to put all the stock papers together. Or you may want to have a binder for all your kids’ coloring pages. You could also organize these storage boxes by children craft activities – drawing, painting, beading, stamping, scrapbooking, etc. As you’re planning for your craft room storage solution, refer back to the piece of paper with your craft supplies list. Make sure you’ve accounted for all of your supplies. Once you’re done mentally putting everything in their places, try to picture yourself entering the craft room to start on a new craft project. Where will you sit? Where will you go to grab your supplies? Is everything well within your reach? Can you clearly see where everything belongs?

Craft Room Organization Step 4: Put It to Work

The most well organized craft room will not stay organized for long if you don’t maintain it. Now that you’ve spent the time to organize your craft room, it’s important to know that if you try to maintain the craft room every day, you will never have to take that much time to re-organize it again. After you’re done using the craft supplies, put them back in their own storage places. Everything has its own place, no exceptions. You must enforce this or your craft room will again become a scary mess – one that you will not want to enter & enjoy. Keeping things organized can be a fun activity to do with your kids, too. Ask your kids to remember where each of the items belong and praise them for cleaning up after they’re done with their kid craft projects.

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